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Prevention Training Now!



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Prevention SustainAbilities: Understanding the Basics (OPEN)

Explore what sustainability looks like in the context of substance misuse prevention—and how to prepare for sustainability planning in your community.   2 Hours

Prevention SustainAbilities: Planning for Success (OPEN)

Building on the foundation of its introductory companion course, Prevention SustainAbilities: Understanding the Basics, this interactive self-paced course walks practitioners through a step-by-step process for developing a written plan to sustain successful prevention practices.   3 Hours

Introduction to Substance Abuse Prevention (OPEN)

Learn about the history of prevention, key concepts and definitions, and specific drug effects—and get a glimpse of the effects of substance use and addiction on the brain.

5 Hours

What is the SPF? An Introduction to SAMHSA's Strategic Prevention Framework (OPEN)

Take a guided tour of the SPF, a data-driven planning process designed to help you more effectively address substance misuse and related prevention needs in your community. 4 Hours

Go Get It! Finding Existing Data to Inform Your Prevention Efforts (OPEN)

Explore strategies for identifying, locating, and accessing the data you need to assess the substance use prevention needs of your community. 2 Hours

Focusing on Focus Groups (OPEN)

Discover the key elements of focus group design and delivery through case examples to highlight the many ways focus groups can be used to support prevention practice. 2 Hours

Making the Most of Key Informant Interviews (OPEN)

Learn how to plan and conduct key informant interviews that produce the valuable information you need to inform your prevention efforts. 2 Hours

Involving Youth in Your Substance Abuse Prevention Program (OPEN)

Develop the knowledge and skills to effectively engage youth in all aspects of your substance misuse prevention efforts—from planning to evaluation. 5 Hours

Disclaimer: The views expressed in these courses do not necessarily represent the views, policies, and positions of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration or the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

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