About the CAPT

SAMHSA's Center for the Application of Prevention Technologies (CAPT) is a national substance abuse prevention system committed to strengthening prevention efforts at the national, regional, state, and local levels; and to building the nation’s substance abuse prevention workforce. The CAPT works closely with SAMHSA-funded prevention grantees to:

  • Implement the five steps of SAMHSA’s Strategic Prevention Framework— assessment, capacity building, planning, implementation, and evaluation
  • Use data to inform decision-making in each of these steps

Drawing on its extensive network of skilled staff and expert consultants, the CAPT offers a menu of services, ranging from customized trainings to expert consultation, and access to a wide variety of useful and user-friendly tools and resources. The CAPT also promotes strong networks of peer support by providing opportunities for SAMHSA grantees across the country to connect, troubleshoot problems, and share successes.

For practitioners who are not SAMHSA-funded prevention grantees, the CAPT offers a wealth of online resources to support the planning, implementation, and evaluation of prevention efforts. 

From fact sheets and webinars to summaries of the latest prevention research and stories from the field, the new CAPT site provides easy access to the tools practitioners need to bring about positive change. Visit us at http://samhsa.gov/capt.

Last modified: Thursday, 7 January 2016, 1:45 PM